The Pax Christi Healing Ministry

pax christi


The main goal of the Pax Christi Healing Ministry and the main goal of his ministry is to bring the healing message of the Gospel 

--- The healing message of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit 

+ understanding that Jesus came to heal,  

+ cast out devil and 

+ proclaim the Kingdom of God, 

--- By teaching and by praying for the sick in body, mind and spirit by the powerful Name of Jesus 

--- With the help of Our Lady, Mama Mary

--- So that all will come to know the abiding and persistent LOVE, COMPASSION AND CARE of God


Ministries and Services:

+ Healing Mass and Services: every 3rd Thursday of the Month. We begin by praying the Holy Rosary at  6:30pm and the Holy Mass starts at 7pm.

St. Andrew Catholic Church

833 Julia St. PO Box 310

Amelia, LA 70340

(985) 631-2333

+ 2022 Schedule

+ January 12, 2023 - (2nd Thursday)

+ February 16, 2023

+March 2023 - TBA

+ April 4, 2023 - Holy Tuesday, St. Joseph, Galliano, LA

+ April 20, 2023 

+ May 18, 2023

+ June 15, 2023

+ July 20, 2023

+ August 17, 2022 

+ August 2023  - TBA c/o Catholic Men of Christ, Kenner, La

+ September 14, 2023 - 2nd Thursday

+ October 22, 2023 (Sunday, 3pm) - Healing of Families and Healing of Relationships - longer service than usual, starting at 2:30pm with Family Helping List

+ November 16,2023

+ December 21, 2022- Mass of the Anointing of the Sick

+ 2024

+ January 11, 2024

+ Other Parishes - TBA


 + We travel to other parishes when invited to share this ministry of Jesus    


The Pax Christi Healing Ministry and The Pax Christi Prayer Blanket Ministry --- The Pax Christi Healing Ministry shares the blessed Prayer Blanket to the sick--- to reassure them that they are covered with prayers, to remind them through the Prayer Blanket that they are surrounded by the love, compassion and mercy of God, that they are not forgotten during this difficult time. The Ministry of Prayer Blanket is made possible by the donation and love offering of caring individuals. Thank you for your generous donation to this ministry.    

The Deus Caritas Deliverance Ministry and Prayer of Liberation


Many of us experience some degree of negative circumstances or demonic influence in our life. For many, however, the negative emotions have become an oppressive, destructive force that dominates our existence, due to the influence of Satan and evil spirits. For example, anger, rage, and lust, etc. We do things we don’t want to do, and act in ways that are contrary to who we are – children of God. It seems that we are struggling against forces stronger than ourselves. Sometimes, the problems are more than just bad habits and destructive behavior.

The DEUS CARITAS  DELIVERANCE MINISTRY AND PRAYER OF LIBERATION, which is an extension of  our  Office of the Ministry of Healing and Liberation hopes to help you break the bondages, curses, relationship problems and torment that you are experiencing. By the grace of God and through the assistance of Mama Mary, we have learned that sometimes the problem is spiritual, and not just in our minds, bodies or personalities.

We have found freedom, healing and renewal through spiritual authority!

Our Mission is born out of Luke 4:18-19/Mark 16:15-18

MINISTRY Includes but not limited to …

  • Sessions on Deliverance & Prayer of Liberation
  • Prayer of Protection
  • Prayer of Forgiveness
  • Breaking Curses
  • Renouncing Occult
  • Breaking ungodly ties
  • Prayer for healing of emotional wound
  • Prayer of Healing & Prayer for Inner Healing
  • Deliverance from spiritual bondage and infirmities