Course on Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance

I believe that we all need to continue to deepen our understanding of our faith, our relationship with God and one another and our great Catholic Tradition. With this belief, I offer different classes, sessions, courses, and teaching conferences to assist us in this endeavor. In the past, I offered classes on Spirituality & Prayer, Guided Meditation, Catechism of the Catholic Church, Christology, Apologetics, the End Times, etc. Presently (going on 12 years now), I am in the series of teaching A Course on Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance, Prayers of Liberation & Exorcism. It is being held at 833 Julia St., Amelia, LA 70340 --- St. Andrew Catholic Church (Montegut).


Fr. Mike Scanlan, TOR and Randal Cirner said: "Christians are caught up in a struggle between God and Satan. Satan is a ruthless and resourceful enemy and our implacable foe because we are citizens of God's Kingdom. Evil spiritual forces are at the root of many temptations, failure and difficulties we encounter in our lives." 

Yes, we are in this struggle, whether we like it or not. WE are on spiritual warfare and the battle is fierce against the forces of darkness, Satan and the other fallen angels. Satan and his demons want to bring ruin to our lives and bring us to hell with them for eternity. We must fight back with the "armor of God", the help of mama Mary, the angels and the saints. With God we are already victorious --- we then need to safeguard "our house' against Satan and evil spirits. "No amount of deliverance can replace the central need in a person's life TO ACCEPT THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS AND TO LIVE OUT THE REALITY OF THAT COMMITMENT IN CONCRETE TERMS. Deliverance is a gift which helps men and women to live an aggressive and effective Christian life. GETTING FREED FROM EVIL SPIRITS IS NOT AN END IN ITSELF, BUT IS A MEANS TO AN END. THE END IS UNION WITH GOD, (Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR, Steubenville, Ohio).

--- The Course on Angels and Demons: Continuation on the Hierarchy of Angels -- will resume in 2023

      • On Thursdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm
      • February - TBA
      • March - TBA
      • April - TBA

Please call the Office of the Ministry of Healing and Liberation to register, 985-232-2229

i.  Lectures, Talks

ii. Parish Mission/Retreat   

Time permitting, I accept invitations to give a Parish Mission/Retreat. Topics are varied and I do it through preaching, teaching, witnessing, praying and singing.







The Parish Mission or Retreat or Conference that I offer have these varied objectives in mind:

  • To help the People of God in their Spirituality and prayer life
  • To deepen one’s commitment to God and the Holy Catholic Church
  • To rediscover God’s love and mercy;
  • To be able to continue or be able to trust in the Lord
  • To help one in his/her quest in the meaning and purpose of life
  • To be able to live for God freely
  • To live ultimately for Him

iii. Retreat

Time-to-time I offer retreat for different groups and accept invitation to lead a retreat.

  • February 23 (Thursday evening starts) - 26 (ends at noon), 2023, Our Lady of Hope Catholic Retreat Center, Osykam MS. Come and jon us... please call the Retreat Center or go their website to register.