GUATEMALA MISSION: La Misíon Encontrándome con Cristo…Guatemala Mission... based on Matthew 25
Founded in 2006

La Misíon Encontrandomé con Cristo™ Guatemala Mission, Inc. Non-Profit (Charitable Organization) 501 (c)(3)
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La Misión Encontrándome con Cristo Guatemala Mission, Inc., was founded by Father Robert-Joel Cruz, in 2006, under the direction of our Blessed Mother. The mission was based on the ministry of “Presence” to those being served. While there are projects done each year in a particular village to improve quality of life, the most important is being present to those served, expecting nothing in return.

By the grace of God, the mission spends 2-3 years in each village to build community, family, relationships, and the word of God. At present, we are operating in the area of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. The Mission also helps different dioceses in Guatemala and other parts of the world, including the Congregaćion Marta y Maria, the first native Congregation of Sisters in (Jalapa) Guatemala. 

We also support “Hogar Nuestra Señora de los Remedios”, which is an all-girl orphanage, helping and raising girls from infancy through the age of 18. These girls are accepted for a number of reasons ranging from poverty, to neglect and abuse. There are at any given time seventy five to one hundred and twenty five girls living at the orphanage.