Prayer to Saint Joseph, Protector of the Church

St. Joseph, husband of Mama Mary and foster father of Jesus, you have been charged with the protection of the universal Church so that you might care for all the children of the Kingdom in the same way you lovingly cared for the members of the Holy Family.
From heaven, where you now live with Jesus and Mama Mary, guide and protect the people of God walking toward fullness of life. Bring together from the four corners of the world all your children so that they may live in one Spirit. Lead all Christians to unity in the same faith. Obtain for the Holy Father, for all our bishops, for all our priests and religious, and for all the faithful, who with them, form the Church community, the graces of enlightenment, faithfulness and strength so that all may live in the teaching of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Let us pray for our nation's leaders...

Let us pray for the Guatemala Mission, Missionaries, Friends and Benefactors...

Let us pray for the Ministry of Healing and Liberation: The Pax Christi Healing Ministry and The Deus Caritas Deliverance Ministry and all its members...

Let us pray for all our brothers and sisters who are wounded and hurting -- for the healing of their mind, body, spirit, family and relationships...

Let us pray for those who are needing liberation and freedom from the evil spirits...

All for the Greater Glory of God!

Ave Maria!



All for the Greater Glory of God!

Ave Maria!


Holy Mass - fb live stream daily at 8am daily


Unless otherwise stated, the Holy Mass will be live stream daily at 8am during this time of need and grave concern.

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Powerful Prayer in Time of Plague and Pandemic in English and Spanish. Please check the Prayer file below, help to distribute, post it in your own social sites, etc. Let's beg the Lord for mercy and compassion through the intercession of Our Lady, Mama Mary


Course on Spiritual Warfare: Angels and Demons

St. Andrew Catholic Church

Suspended at the moment --- please check in later on for more information.

SPRING 2020-Schedule


Lenten Opportunities - Holy Hour, Adoration and Reflection

Suspended at the moment --- please check in later on for more information

March 31, 2020 - Healing Services and Holy Mass

Suspended at the moment --- please check the post regularly


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